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My name is Hannah Natasha Baqar I am 19 years old at the moment I am currently Applying for a costume course at Wimbledon Uni. I have studied textiles at stockport college. I keep uploading costumes and designs so keep coming back to my blog for more sometimes I do update past years on to the blog so you might not find them on todays date i give links on Twitter and Facebook when i have updated my blog. My high school was Cheadle Hulme High School. I have Cystic Fibrosis is an autosomal recessive genetic disorder which affects the lungs
Another medical condition I have is Alpha -1 antitrypsin deficiency which is a liver diease I am currently waiting to have a liver transplant.  I love being creative as you can see for the work which is on my blog also i used to do dancing for a while you can check out my solo which i did in 2007. I am very interested in fashion and i love making outift's and designing clothes which i loved doing since the age of 7 years old. I am into
Sc fi. My best number 1 show is Doctor Who. So really i am called a whovian a fan of Doctor Who i don't just watch to new episodes i watch the old ones as well i love the Eleventh Doctor played by Matt Smith also I liked the Tenth Doctor Played by David Tennant and the Ninth Doctor by Chris.
I loved Amy Pond played by Karen Gillian and Rory Williams Played by Arthur Darvill and River Song played by Alex Kingston. Also really love Jenna Louise Coleman as clara I like jenna outfits and also clara styles. Also I do Polyvore. On the 24th November 2013 I went to the 50th convention of Doctor Who where I met the lovely beautiful  Jenna Coleman and the fabulous Slyvester Mcoy. At the convention I got the chance to walk in the the costume trailers and had a look around the wardope looking at the monster outfit to the props , the companions outfits and finally to the Doctors outfit Also had a Discussion  with wardope department and costume designers.  Created  a Fanbook for Matt smith which was tremendous fun loved doing it. 

I like messing about on photoshop and taking photos for fun. I love drawing artwork for pleasure in my free time ( especially on Doctor Who ) but i do draw other thing as well but doctor who is a passion as well as fashion. Also i like designing clothes like the eco friendly fashion which i got inspired when i went to london to see the eco fashion show. I like getting involved in project's like the Nowgen also known as changing futures i am one of the people that took part in making the website also involved me being filmed in manchester please take a look at the changing futures site by clicking the photo of me with holding syringes to get on the site. Also made a DNA dress for the project changing futures i do suggest to check it out. I am inspired by designers known as Matthew Williamson , Donna Karen, Helen Story ( who i have met in manchester royal exchange in 2011) , Alexander Mcqueen. As well fellow artists such as Vincent Van Goff, Joan Miro ( seen at a Tate in london and the yorkshire Sculpture Park) , Barabara Heptworth ( at the Barabara Heptworth Museum). I like to watch Gok's clothes Road show, Gok's Fashion Fix,
Red Dwarf ( because of my Grandad ), Sarah Jane Adventures , Torchwood, Jeremey Kyle show, Twilight, Alan Carr Chatty Man there is loads more but Doctor Who is the best out of them all.

My Childhood I loved Tracy beaker also i remember Meeting the Chuckle Brothers i like chucklevision back then. Also used to watch Young Dracula. Yes i couldn't leave out the fact i started to watch Doctor who in 2005. I remember so many things. I like watching Sarah Jane Adventures and Torchwood and wizards vs aliens. However watch Nigella Lawson. I like reading Doctor Who book's and audio's when i was young i like Jacqueline Wilson. I like other authors: J.k Rowling ( harry potter), Michael Morpurgo. Also Like Idiot Abroad Karl Pilkington. Also like reading stories on Fanfiction on Doctor Who and also create my own stories based around the characters of doctor who just for fun. .Music that i like: Doctor who music , Nicki Minaj, The Wanted, Carly Rae Jepsen, One Direction , Usher , Katy Perry, Little mix, Girls Aloud , Maroon 5. Also i like cooking. 
Also thanks to Starlight I met Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman on the set on the March 26th 2015

I like going to art Gallerys to get inspired by other artist and designers. I also like playing the piano for fun ( so basically choosing the songs or theme tune that i want to play)
My best tune i can play is from Doctor Who 2010 I am the Doctor By Murray Gold and also Amy's Theme and Clara's theme . I have adopted Dolphin living in the Moray Firth called Swanee. I want to be a costume designer. the thing about me is if I have an idea i must do it straight away like the artwork as soon as a feel like drawing that usually when i create my best work and on my blog is all of my great fantastic work
feel free to take a look!
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