Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Instagram photography Amy eleventh hour

Using some universe and space effect to make the photo looks brilliant.

My Costume design sketch

I decided to sketch a dress and add some accessories to my costume design!

Instagram photography Utah

Using a bubble effect on the two photographs and changing the brightness.

Instagram photography Beast Below

the doctor changing the colour of the tardis and background.

Instagram photography The Day of the Moon

Amy Pond in the tardis I changed the colour and the background of the photo.

Instagram photography Amy pond

Instagram photography Melody pond and Amy

This photo is from good man goes to war I changed the white pale background to a starry purple pink background effect.

Instagram photography The Girl Who waited

I used the brick effect on the two photo to get a fantastic effect.

Instagram photography Angels take manhattan Amy Pond

Instagram photography Clara Oswin Oswald

This is a picture of Clara Oswin Oswald from series 7 Doctor Who I changed the colour.

Monday, 21 January 2013

Instagram photography Jenna Louise Coleman

Effect from using multicolour in the photo the creat the cool effect.

Instagram photography Eleventh Doctor

Eleventh Doctor when editing the picture I changed the contrast and brightness in the photo and the color.

Instagram photography Dalek snowman

This Is a picture of my dalek snowman in regents park london.

Instagram photography Ameila pond

Instagram photography kitten

Instagram photography kitten

Sleeping kitten !!

Instagram photography snowing in london

Snowy weather whilst I was in london last Saturday took a photo and edited it on Instagram.

Instagram photography Amelia Pond

This photo is amelia pond I have change the brightness and colour in the photo.

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Instagram photography London regents park

This is a picture of regents park this morning I changed the colour and brightness really it was snowing.

Instagram photography Doctor who at corner of your eye

Doctor who photo eleventh hour in Amy's house from changing the brightness and tone in the picture.

Instagram photography Doctor who The Snowmen

This photo which I edited was from the last doctor who Christmas special the snowmen with the doctor and Clara. I used cold snowy effect on the photo.

Instagram photography

In the photo i have changed the background of stockport college. Also use the brick effect.

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Instagram photography fox cub

This is a cute photo of a fox cub changing the brightness and tone on the fox.

Instagram photography snowy landscape

While I was in london we had snow so I took a picture of the snowy landscape.

Instagram photography party moods

This is a photo of me wearing my college hat which I made I changed the background setting to a party mood.

Instagram photography Karen gillan

Changing the colours to make a cool picture.

Instagram photography Tardis

This picture was original picture on the inside of the tardis 2010 I change the colours inside.

Instagram photography Doctor who impossible astronaut

This is photo from doctor who series 6 impossible astronaut which I edited in Instagram.

Instagram photography Me

This is a photo of me which I edited to make it have more of a wow factor.

Instagram photography Doctor who Christmas carol

This was a doctor who photo from one of the Christmas episodes called Christmas carol I made the photo look old and cold to add effect in the photo.

Friday, 18 January 2013

Instagram photography Clara Oswin Oswald

This is a photo of Clara Oswin oswald which I edited it in Instagram to create a great effect.

Instagram photography Matt smith and Karen Gillan

By using Instagram I was able to create this brilliant effect on the photo.

Instagram photography Doctor who logo 2013

This picture was the doctor who logo of 2010 after using the universe effects of Instagram I created what looks closer to the doctor who logo of 2013!!

Instagram photography Amy Pond

This photo of Amy pond who is played by Karen Gillan which I edited on Instagram.

Instagram photography Doctor Who Amy Pond

This is a picture of Amy pond after choosing the picture I edited it on Instagram to the star universe effect on the picture.

Instagram photography Karen Gillan

This is another picture of Karen Gillan which I edited in Instagram.

Instagram photography Karen gillan

This is a picture of actress Karen Gillan I have edited the photo in Instagram to create a wicked effect on her.