Saturday, 3 August 2013

Whovian poems 11 doctors

There's are 11 doctors
But which one shall I choose
There all so irresistible
How could I lose
I could go for the first
But you are too old
I could go for the second but
It wouldn't work for me
The third is uneasy when he's thrown out at sea
The fourth has a scarf which is to long for me
Then I have a doctor with a piece of celery
The sixth doctor is fun but the are battles to be won
The seventh has a hat that catches in the sun
Then there's Paul Gann as the eighth
Who is very scared of going out on a date
The ninth is a doctor that is clearly from the north
And always likes to run
The tenth is the doctor that gave a lot of fun
The doctor I loved and the best doctor of all
Has a Bowtie and fez
And he beats them all
( Eleventh Doctor )

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