Tuesday, 23 October 2012

stockport college photographer Chuck Close research

This is Chuck Close!! 
Chuck Close his real name is Charles Thomas Close a photographer and photorealist and painter that was born on July 5th 1940 an American . When looking at the photos that he is done his self-portraits he did portrait painting based on his photography’s. I have noticed that he builds is images applying it one after the other in multi-colors or gray scale. Also he used photography as a tool obtaining images however his attraction detailed images which led him to employ larger images format cameras with his painting he showed part of the image in focus or sharp using the visual element such as shape textures, volume, shadows and highlights of the photograph itself.His photographs are empyazing the areas of the face which controls the likeness off the photograph. Chuckle close transferring the photo on to a canvas as far as blurring out Chuckle close quotes that he said was that “ some people wonder whether what I do is inspired by a computer and whether or not that kind of imaging is apart of what makes this work contemporary I absolutely hate technology and I’m computer illiterate and I never use any labor saving devices although I’m not convinced that a computer is a labor saving device”. It just amazing work that Chuck Close has done with the painting that he has done from the photographs the he has done I love the way he has portrayed that on to a canvas the detail and the blurred effect on the painting it is unique to any other photographer than I have seen.   His first piece of work that he ever did was in fact  the photo of Philip glass was included black and white done in 1969.

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